Monday, September 18, 2006

A Quick Calculation

Here's how a guy like me reads the newspaper and does math.

This story about a 22-year old who overdosed on heroin. The headline is "Mom Sounding heroin alarm".

Heroin on the rise; a particular nasty bit of heroin is on the rise.

I feel bad for the mom. Then I look at the picture and dismiss the entire story. Mom has four kids with a minimum of 3 different last names. She shares the last name with only the eldest. There's no photo or mention of a dad...any dad.

I don't know the situation. But my mind jumps to some quick conclusions. Yours should to.

Why am I the jerk for questioning this? To me, that's the obvious unasked question in the article. That and what makes him comfortable enough to snort heroin in mom's foyer with little kids running around? Don't get me wrong, I'd never have the guts to ask it, but that's why I do mostly soft pieces.

A regular nuclear (sorry, nucular) family with a mom, dad, and 2.4 kids can be a hellish cesspool, but at least there's a struggle for normality and security and comfort that a child needs and yearns for. But with 3+ dads and however many other boyfriends, do kids have a chance?

Stay You.
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