Friday, November 26, 2004

Somewhat Silent Sara Reviews The Pure Investor

Somewhat Silent Sara isn't silent - especially when it comes to reviewing my book The Pure Investor. Go check it out...go on now.

It's feels great when someone reads something that you've written and lets you know they've read it. It's even better when they've given it some thought and then written about what you've written. That's too cool!

Sara takes a liberal/conservative tack to the review. I really tried in the book to keep neutral on the politics but I guess it wasn't to be. I hate high taxes but I also go after "conservative" things like the church and CEOs. She takes me out of the group which she calls "regressive" by which, I don't know what she means. If it's the likes of Pat Buchanan, yes, please take me out of that group, Sara. I find his politics horrible as do many conservatives.

My favorite bit o' Sara:
One very important reason: he's not attacking us and our beliefs. This book is not "against Liberals", the way Regressive books are. It's for everyone, from a conservative viewpoint.

That goes to the heart of the matter: "it's for everyone." I wrote the book even for those that don't have a portfolio.

Sara's not going to agree with some of my politics, but probably more than she would guess. I'd like to steer her towards Burke or send her a copy of The Road to Serfdom (the book that changed my world) or the Friedman's books. I'd like to change her mind, but I like her the way she is.

So thanks, Sara. Thanks for your open mindedness and thanks for giving my writing some thought and thanks for giving it some publicity - it needs it.

Stay You.

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