Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Letter to The Sunday Challenger Editors

Here are posts on Letter to the Editor's I've submitted to the Northern Kentucky Sunday Challenger. It's a weekly newspaper that goes out to the northern Kentucky - about 65,000. I'm having fun seeing how many weeks in a row I can keep them appearing.

7/16/04 Literacy
7/25/04 Kentucky's New Motto
8/1/04 Burley Quota
8/8/04 Big Corporation Acting Stupidly
8/16/04 Overcrowded Jails
8/23/04 Publix Skools
8/29/04 Cross-Burning Yahoos
9/5/04 Toking While Pregnant
9/12/04 Big Bangs in Cincinnati
9/26/04 Big Corporation Acting Stupidly, Part Deux

Stay You.