Monday, August 23, 2004

Letter to the Editor

Didn't feel great yesterday. Took a nap but didn't sleep well, same for last night. Today's worries set to the rythem of past worries. Strange.

Had another letter to the editor in the Sunday Challenger again. I'm writing them mostly as an exercise and as a hobby. It gives me something constructive to do on a Sunday evening. But I do wonder if they thing I'm some sort of crank obsessivly writing letters like grandpa Simpson. Dear Sirs, Everything sucks.

The letter was in response to this article/issue dealing with education issues. The Divine Mrs. M. things it was a little blunt and will get me in trouble with the local. They are proud of their school and are actively involved. Much of my bluntness came from my history with teachers. I never really encountered one I liked and many simply had a distaste for me and let me know it, so I wrote off the entire species. Possibly it was me, but come on I was just a kid. Most likely it was them. Now as an adult working 10-12 hours a day and taking 2 weeks off when I can and always checking in with the office during those 2 weeks, I don't want to hear complaints from teachers about their pay or lack of respect from society. You get 3 months off and just about every holiday as well as a few fake holidays and a week in spring. Shut up! But they're doing a job. What I'd really like to know is what all the administors and counselors and whatnots do?

I'll check out my oldest daughters school tonight. It's some kind of welcome night where the kids get to met their teacher and see their room and start to feel at home before the new school year starts. It's Catholic school and - from what I can tell - somewhat old school Catholic. Self-esteem seems to come from accomplishment, education comes from work. Nice formulas I wasn't taught until my early 20s and am still fighting against.

Stay You.