Sunday, September 05, 2004

When Mom Takes a Toke - Letter to the Editor

Here's my latest letter to the editor for the Sunday Challenger commenting on this article.

Last week's issue truly troubled me. About a third of pregnant mom's in Kentucky smoke while pregnant. Whaaaaaa?

The Divine Mrs. M. is an avid fan of Diet Coke - a real caffiholic - and has been as long as I've known her, but the minute the tests came back positive for both of our girls, she stopped cold turkey. She just figured caffiene was bad for the little fetuses. She was a little grumpy yes, but tempted to chug a few of those brown bubbles - no.

The writer of the article attributed the smoking to poverty and lack of education. He even cited a cut in smoking education for would-be mom's. This is preposterous. I can walk into any run down trailer in any valley in Kentucky and I'm sure I would find some Atkin's approved products and the people living there could tell me how their white bread is making them fat. The pregant chicks need a government funded class to tell them smoking is bad? Give me a break.

Another point The Divine Mrs. M. brought up, "Smoke a few packs and you're a bad mom, go get yourself an abortion and you've made a choice."

Have a good labor day and don't stay too sober. I'm off to see the fireworks.

Stay You.