Sunday, July 25, 2004

Another Letter to the editor/Lance Armstrong

There's no site update this weekend.  Guests were in town.  House is a mess, spent this evening picking up.  This post is unedited.  Sorry.

The Challenger of Northern Kentucky printed another one of my letter to the editors here.  That makes three issues with 2 letters from me.  I'm going to see how long I can consecutively get letters in there before I either get ignored or inquired.  I'll keep you updated.

God bless Lance Armstrong.  This man is operating at a different level.  It's not physical at all.  It's in his head.  He's in a place where few people are able to get to.  I'm not too religious, but I always picture people like him transcending his experience outside of the realm of the human.

I'm now tired.  I'll watch booknotes and head off to sleep.  Lot's of work this week so posts may be light, but who knows.  Maybe I'll be struck by the muse.

Stay you.