Sunday, August 01, 2004

Please be patient

No pithy thoughts today. Just relaxation. With the girls away; the parents shall play. If you must read something brilliant from me go here. Just another letter to the editor in Northern Kentucky's newest newspaper. That makes 3 out of 4 editions.

Yesterday was filled with getting the grandparents out of the house, then watching a movie in childless quiet. Afterward, The Divine Mrs. M. and I dined at Indigo's in Hyde Park then back to Bellevue for Vodka tonics at The B-list. Bellevue being Bellevue (strongly, adamantly German) it was full of big breasted blondes. Vodka Tonics and Blondes. Perfect!

Today was church with a slight hangover to welcome the new pastor. Then clothes shopping for me to get rid of some gift certificates I got a Christmas - one pair slacks, two dress shirts, three casual shirts. The shopping goes much faster without chasing children out of the clothes racks. Brief car shopping, then back home to watch a movie that sucked.

I'm relaxed and ready for work. Better posts are promised.

Stay you.