Wednesday, July 14, 2004

An American Werewolf in the White House

I encountered John Kerry's nuance the other night watching TV with my eldest. This is what I heard:

Others of us find good, bad, right, wrong a many sided complex thing. We try to see every side but the more we see the less sure we are.

No, this isn't John Kerry during an honest moment. Or the Times editorial page explaining why Bush is simple because he sees things in black and white. It's Claude Rains in 1941's Wolf Man. Mr. Rains played Sir John Talbot and in the above monologue is explaining to his wolfbane infected son Larry Talbot the duality of man.

It's all very good for these types of discussion while sitting in your manor house in the English country side or for John Kerry in the Senate. But out on the dark moors or in a world threatened by Islamofacist, everything is black and white. And when confronted with a Wolf Man attacking the lovely Gwen Conliffe, you don't discuss or debate or try to see his reasonings or try to seduce your neighbors into helping you keep the Wolf Man "in a box." You beat hell out of him with a silver handled cane....or the US Marine Corp.