Sunday, July 11, 2004

Reflections on a Resume

Updated my resume on my website last night. I used to keep it polished nicely ready for submission at any time. See a job, snap, here's the resume. First one there-that'll impress 'em. Now I know. They weren't impressed. It went on the bottom of the pile until the next week when some HR rep sorted them out by the basics-toss this one, keep that one. I let that practice slide. Time to get back at it just to have it on hand.

Reviewing it does make me think. This is the first one that I've had that doesn't list any of my college activities, accomplishments, etc. They don't really seem important now. 4 years done and out. Got my degree! That's all that counts.

Also, I'm having trouble remembering exactly what I did on certain line items from my past job at Fido. I remember they were so IMPORTANT at one time. They consumed my life. They were IMPORTANT. They MATTERED. This is make or break stuff people. POOF! Gone. Now they don't seem to matter. Even people's names are beginning to fade. I know someone older, wiser, and more mature already knows this, but it's my first experience with it.

What does matter? They're at home playing now. Next time I stay too late at the office to finish some task when I know they need dad around. POOF! I'm gone. See you later Mr. Bossman. Don't like it? Don't matter. I'll have a hard time remembering your name in a few years. Oh, this all important project? Just a line on the resume that'll I'll dump some day.