Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ronstadt? Now which 70's pop pixie was she?

RE: the Ronstadt/Alladin controversy, Drudge linked to a story and highlighted this paragraph: 

It's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know." 

Drudge ran it with the tag BIGOT.  We know what he's getting at.  Let's say a Christian Rock group (is there one that doesn't suck?) declares in concert it's uncomfortable with homosexuals or pro-choice people - they'd be hounded until their careers are over.  Probably be blamed for try to incite a mob?The reporter put this Ronstadt quote in the story almost as a throw away.  Double standards- what are you going to do?
What bothers me about her dedicating a song to Michael Moore is that it's just not polite.  I don't talk politics with people when I don't know where they stand.  I just always thought it was rude. So why would she bring it up to a concert hall full of strangers.  And why would somebody paying good money to forget their problems in Vegas want to hear about it.  It's jerking them back to the real world in an otherworldly environment - that's not what their there for.  It's just rude Linda!
But that's not my point.  I don't think that she's being bigoted.  I think she's just acting like a close minded teenager without much life experience.  Strange to say about an international has-been superstar.  Or is it?  Speaking from personal experience, I have loathed some people that have the exact same opinions I hold-something about them just drives me nuts.  Sitting here, I can think of two -- three -- four people.  Four people! Four people who have a very similar outlook to me, but I cring whenever I know I'll have to deal with them.  Others who I care for deeply dread my politics and I theirs.  I don't understand them and sometimes think if I could just say one perfect thing that they might change their minds.  But they wouldn't and they'd be pissed at my for trying.  I get along with them just fine and in some cases consider them good friends.  I try mostly to follow John Derbyshire's advice

Lefty friends. There are a number of people I am very fond of, who are Left. For reasons I don't completely understand, this troubles me. I suppose it is the tension between liking them as people, and thinking their opinions are silly. Short of converting them to my point of view, or vice versa — neither of which, of course, ever happens — there is no way to resolve this tension in their presence, so I take it to bed with me and it pops out at 3 A.M. like a hernia.

As for Linda, just remember she posed for this cover so have a sense of humor about her.

Stay you.