Sunday, July 18, 2004

Site update...The 4400....TIVO...stoned ramblings

I really wanted to update my site this weekend, but I've been stoned after my operation.  Funny thing: I've been swinging from the depths of sleepiness one hour to manic activity the next.  Very strange.
I did update a little bit so check it out. 
I'm off to watch the 2nd episode of The 4400.  I was intriqued for the commercials, but thought the pilot was a little weak.  I always dont' like pilots.  I have to ease into a series.  I'm also breaking a rule that I only watch 1 1-hour drama at a time.  It was The Shield and now it's Nip/Tuck - awesome.  But I now have TIVO which makes me feel all powerful.  See something - TIVO it.  Like it?  Get a Season pass.  This thing rocks.
I saw The Maltese Falcon on the other day. I knew I would be gone so I TIVO'd it.  Same for This Gun for Hire tonight at about 4:30 a.m.  Life if good.
Do I still sound stoned?

Stay you.