Thursday, July 22, 2004

What? Me Worry

Wall Street Journal link re: Linda Ronstadt.  I'm bored already with that. Just to be politically fair though, I try to miss all Charleton Heston movies.  I always picture Pharoah saying "no" to "let my people go" and then Chuck pulls out a double barrel and blows him away. 

Sorry I missed a day of blogging.  Got to be more disciplined.  Eric stopped by to work on the furnace some more.  My AC went kaput a few weeks ago and I finally called him up to get a quote, he said he might as well do the furnace while he's here since it was about 30 years old.  He didn't want to come back the first cold week in October.  Tonight, he was here late, that's ok, but then I got to bed late because I then watched a tivo'd Nip/Tuck(great writing, good looking rich people having sex, great show-watch it without the kids). 

A storm moved in early this morning, woke up the kids - get them back to bed, laid down with them, get them to sleep - then sump pump came on from the rain water and wouldn't turn off.  The Divine Mrs. M turned that off and waited up for it to need turned off again. I could hear her watching Design on a Dime.  Then it started. 

Little worries crept into my brain.  What if that happens? What if this happens? Where's the money for this coming from?  These things ping into my brain in rapid succession and my mind becomes an echo chamber for worries.  They speed up and I can't keep track of them.  A cacaphony of stress and anxiety. So I lay awake, stare at the ceiling and stew.  I can usually stop myself before it spins out of control.  Fine! I told myself. I'll get up.  Shower.  Put on clothes.  Hit my sites.  Blog this out of my head.

I come from a strong line of worriers and fretters and borderline paranoid personality disorder victims.  In reality, my worries usually never materialize.  The money always seems to come when needed.  And if it doesn't, it doesn't seem that bad. 

I remember when the market was down, really down, I sat up night after night double over in worry and spent a few nights tossing up dinner.  I had very specific fears.  Never happened. Energy wasted.

Stay you.