Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Art of the Wine Review - Obsession

I thought I was being creative by referring to the wife as The Divine Mrs. M., but I think I just stole it from this guy. Maybe there's not an original thought in my head? Is this how George Harrison felt when he realized he piked the He's So Fine's tune for My Sweet Lord. Oh, well, he got over it.

For a new blog; a new feature: A wine review.

The Divine Mrs. M. (I'm using it anyway) and I are not wine snobs. I do not subscribe to Wine Spectator. The most I read about wine are the little tags stuck to the shelves. If I can find something I like for $4, I'm buying it and serving it to my good friends. We do not buy wine at restaurants because it's hard to enjoy a wine when you know you've been screwed on the price. However, we do make a weekend of the Cincinnati Wine festival each year to try things we haven't before and get a little better education and we do live within walking distance of the riverfront wine oasis known as The Party Source. While we have spent mucho dinero on wines in the past, we are now in a phase of finding hidden (cheap) treasures. Currently, this means walking into the Kroger liquor store and rummaging through the discount cart.

That's how for $7 we found Obsession. A new grape to me - symphony - which is a cross of Muscat and Grenache. Another white after our long red only jag. We bought it because we had never tried the grape, but also because we like Muscat although not a big fan of grenache. We had it last night about 9 for a late dinner. We both had a large romaine and spinach salad with egg, tomatoes, bacon, and garlicly croutons. My dressing was full of onion flavor and this wine held it's own. First words are key to me: Mine was "sparkly" - not sparkling, but almost. It almost had the taste of a sparkling wine without the tickle that comes with those. Alicia said "bright". It was vibrant, but not sweet. Full mouthed, but light. A good wash down the throat to me and it stayed in the mouth longer than normal but not in a bad way. Very smooth finish. For a pairing, I would use medium flavors on light food, but I don't think it would stand up to anything robust. Nice salads, herbcious chicken would be good. We're going to see if there's any more in the discount bin.