Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Killing the National Sales Tax/Value Added Tax Baby

In recent weeks, statements form Denny Hastert and Pres. Bush has signaled - and then withdrawn - a preference for a national sales tax or a vat.

This baby needs to be killed in the cradle.

I'm a strong believer in the doctrine that once a government program is started it never ends. Why would conservatives, libertarian, and Republicans want to create a National Sales Tax or VAT? Apply some practical politics to this (for economic reasons, see here). An income tax would still be around in some form or, if eliminated, would creep back in a few years if one of these ideas is implemented. Income taxes are not going away! They are a hated but accepted part of society and once something is accepted, it's they are easier to bring back. We'll be stuck with both!

The current income tax system was conceived at the beginning of the last century and birthed by the 16th amendment. Small and weakly when young, it has now grow into an overweight, sullen, grumpy 40-something adult with no prospects still living with its parents, always in the couch and complaining about there being no food in the house - it's annoying, takes up too much space, and smells at times. Why birth him a baby brother?

Stay you.