Friday, August 13, 2004

NJ Gov. James McGreevey Resigns Responsibly

I haven't followed James McGreevey's follies at all and just read this blip.

The article quotes McGreevey:
"Shamefully, I engaged in an adult consensual affair with another man, which
violates my bonds of matrimony," McGreevey said, without mentioning the lawsuit.
"[It was] wrong, foolish and inexcusable. I ask the forgiveness of my wife. She
has been extraordinary throughout the ordeal, blessed by virtue of love and
"Let me be clear: I accept total and full responsibility for my
actions. However, I am required to do now what is right, to correct the
consequences of my actions, and to be truthful to my loved ones, friends, family
and myself."

Why after reading this do I like the guy after having an affair and playing slap and tickle with homeland security? Oh right, someone's is actually exercising personal responsibility. He's protecting his state and family from his actions by sacrificing his own position and ambitions. This guy must not have learned the lessons of Bill Clinton.