Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Food and Fashion Rant

I got in some good work today so I feel good about that. I didn't get home last night until about 10:15 because of a seminar I was doing in a place called Waynesville, OH. Actually, it was sponsored by an advisor that works through our office. It seemed to go well.

It was held at a place called Der Dutchman - Amish cooking. I didn't know anything like that existed. Apparently it is quite popular with old, old people. There's nothing in that food to disrupt the sensitive bowels of the elderly. No spices, no herbs, no flavor. Although the spice routes to the East were opened up in the 15th Century, that was still too early for the Amish. The fried chicken tasted bland, the mash potatoes tasted bland as did the gravy. The beef was cooked and cooked and cooked until it had the consistentcy of mush with all the flavor of mush.

Everyone said the food was great. I just smiled. What do I know?

Here's a hint: use a little garlic, use a couple of herbs (parsley isn't only for garnish) - fresh if possible - and your life will change. At last count The Divine Mrs. M.'s herb garden had about 14 different herbs in it. Small space. Nothing fancy, but it makes the meal much more enjoyable. All she has to do is walk down the steps and clip them off.

While I'm telling everyone how to live. I say too many men last night not dressed well. Here's a hint: When wearing a dress shirt - wear an undershirt. A simple cotton t-shirt does wonders for your appearance. It acts as a support garment for many and smooths out your look. Plus no one wants to see a grown man's nipples peaking through his shirt. Also, get your shirts dry cleaned. I take mine to a client's place who doesn't give me a break and it costs $1.66 each. Your shirts last longer and you look 1000% better than in you do in that shiny shirt you pulled out of the dry an hour ago.

OK one more: Pay for decent haircuts. The less hair you have the more you should pay. Nothing is worse than a Great Clips or Master Cuts chop job. (This last is a lesson I only recently learned.)

I'm embarrased to think about what I'm doing now that I shouldn't be. What will I learn in the future? Keep reading.

In the meantime, here's me in my Red's baseball uniform.

Stay You.

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