Friday, September 17, 2004

A Killing on My Doorstep

Last July I looked out my office window and the traffic was backed up in front of our building. I saw police cruisers down the street. I figured an accident and did some busy work for another 15 minutes to kill the time. I looked out again and the traffic was still backed up - more cruisers, ambulances, a couple of fire trucks.

It was a bad day. Gloria Valles was killed while crossing the street. Zachary Costa killed her while joy rider/drag racing down Glenway Ave. Her body was thrown over the head of her boyfriend. She landed about 50 feet away on an access road to a strip mall. I barely knew her. She worked at the Chipotle across the street and had made a couple of my burritos.

He got three years in prison. His family begged for leniency. I thought three years was lenient for a killing.

I bet Jimmy C. in the office that he wouldn't spend 1 year in prison. I'm marking my calender to check.

What do you have to do to spend some serious time in prison? As readers of The Pure Investor know, I have a special affinity for immigrants. From previous reports, it sounds like this woman lead a rough life, but she was working a couple of jobs. Maybe she wouldn't have achieved the American dream, but her kids might. She was trying. She didn't deserve this. And Zachary Costa deserves more. The skid marks of the car are still on the road; the police laid down some kind of powder to soak up her blood. It washed away after a few days.

Sorry, but this pisses me off beyond belief.

Stay You.

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