Tuesday, September 21, 2004

LaRosa's Pizza Inflation/Investment Workshop Jitters

I'm excited about my workshop tonight. I've 37 clients and their friends/family reserved. I plan on only speaking about 15 minutes after the eat. I've a guy from Eaton Vance talking for 5 - 10 minutes and then it's going home. This is a little different from other investment seminars out there which drag on for 2-3 hours, but I think my clients will appreciate the information and they can be home by 8:00. Above all, I just respect their time.

It will be informal and held at a local pizza chain, but it's a nice place. It's step or two above Pizza Hut - maybe three. I noticed a couple of weeks ago they have a 1969 menu of their's framed in the men's bathroom. What to know what a 4-topping large cost? $3.95. Today price? $17.90. That's a 353% increase, or 4.41% average annual increase. The price at the current rate in another 35 years? $81.06. The Ohio sales tax during that time has gone from 4% to 7%.

This is incredible. Some of this is inflation, but some of it's also the other 4 tax of The Five Taxes I write about in my book, The Pure Investor.

Anyway, the above illustrates why you will want to be invested. If a banks giving you 6% average, but prices are going up at about 4.5% and taxes are doubling and other things are increasing your costs, at 6% you're just falling behind.

Anyway, tonight will be fun. I hope all 37 people or more show up. It should be a blast, but right now my stomach is churning.

Stay You.

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