Monday, September 20, 2004

Letter-to-the-Editor Failure

My streak ends.

I failed.

My 10th letter-to-the-editor did not make it into the Sunday Challenger this week. The paper wasn't delivered on time, so finally on Sunday night I drove up to a newstand and bought a copy- the letter wasn't there. Oh, well....

Their loss. I think I won't write one this week. The paper looked kind of boring and I'm not really of mind to write one today. I've had a headache for the last few days and I went to a Greek funeral today that lasted quite a bit. Didn't understand a word of it. I also have a large investment workshop I hosting Tuesday night for clients and their friends & family (this is the best way to meet new clients). So too much in my head and too little time and I must put a priorty on relaxation for the workshop. Wish me luck!

Anyway, here's the letter to the editor that they didn't publish. I have a feeling it will be in next weeks. But who knows. It was in response to this article.

The Sunday Challenger deserves kudos for keeping the pressure on CSX to be a good neighbor. Your September 12 issue focusing on CSX’s history of failures in the community was insightful. For many, the sense of romance at the sound of a passing train has been replaced by a sense of disgust at CSX's unsightly bridges and a sense of fear of a potential derailment in the heart of their city.

It was exciting to read how city officials and citizen groups have joined together to fix this situation. It is this type of cooperation that binds communities together, makes them stronger and, in the long run, raises property values because more people will want to live there.

It was distressing to not read about state or federal officials work to solve this problem. Is this because the Challenger didn’t talk with them or because these officials haven’t caught on that this is an important issue to many in Covington and other cities? With so many campaign signs in our yards these days, would it be too much to ask a politician “What have you done to make CSX a better neighbor?” I’m sure that CSX would respond to a call from a state or federal legislator. I’m also sure that a state or federal legislator would respond to calls from citizens to get this problem solved. Where are they on this issue?

Stay You.

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