Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Passive Anti-Semitism?

One thing that I think 9/11 brought into sharp relief for me is the large amount of anti-Semitism that's out there. I hope I'm wrong, but I saw this in college quite a bit and that was a while ago. I honestly didn't know that it was so prevalent in academia and the political left quite a bit. I posted my thoughts previously here.

I use Juno for my blog e-mail. It caused me to write this:
Dear Juno,
While writing an e-mail, I needed the word "anti-Semitism." I clicked send and my spellchecker caught it. At first I thought that I had misspelled the word, but it appears that Juno doesn't even consider this a word. Instead the spellchecker offered "antifeminism." Honestly, this isn't a word that I've ever heard before. May I suggest that you correct this in your spell checker before others more sensitive than me are offended.
I will be posting this e-mail to my blog
Howard McEwen, CFA

I don't think Juno is a bad company, but come on....

Stay You.

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