Sunday, September 12, 2004

Pastor Pisses-off Parishoner

We've a nice new pastor at my church. I like Pastor H. and my kids definitely like him. As a bonus, I can follow his sermons. With past pastors I usually just zone out and think about what I've got to do at work the upcoming week, but he keeps my interest.

As you can tell, I'm not very religious. It's not that I'm a non-believer but in the ways of faith I don't seem to have any. But some very smart people I respect - including The Divine Mrs. M. - believe in God and the good He can do in the lives of every person, so I won't discount any of it nor be disrespectful. Is that OK?

My church going approach is to show up, listen, and sometime, somewhere in the future a revelation will hit. Maybe I'll have a moment where the light shines down and there will be a moment of pure ecstacy or maybe it'll just be a warm sense of peace that overtakes me. Maybe I'll understand what it's all about, but right now I just don't. But I know I'll never have that revelation if I just sleep in on Sundays, stay at home and watch the weekly news shows or football. So there I sat, and listened, and enjoyed, and then got a little pissed off.

No not really, not raging red-faced pissed off, just annoyed. Not enough to tell off the pastor, but I'll discuss it with him and I'll write about it tomorrow when I'm more awake and the girls don't have Lion King 1 1/2 blaring in the background. Anything I write today will just not be coherent.

Stay You.

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