Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Think Long-Term Because Everyone's Getting Longer in the Tooth

I know this is suppose to be a RNC Convention-free zone, but.....

I was watching it last night when I noticed that both of GWB's parents were up in the gallery watching the big show. Bush I was wagging his finger at one of his hottie granddaughter's who was giggling on stage. I began to wonder how many parents have been able to stand together and see their son re-nominated and possibly re-elected president. I know Bush I's mom was alive when he was prez, so was Clinton's, Carter's, and Nixon's but no dads. And not only are Bush I and Babs alive, but he's jumping out of planes and she's raking in the dough speaking around the country.

This is why I wrote in The Pure Investor that we need to keep invested even during retirement, because retirements are lasting longer and longer and these old people live longer and longer.

As I wrote:
When building an equity mutual fund portfolio, the fear that most people have is of losing their money. However, the Pure Investor is concerned with outliving his money. More and more people are realizing this as medical science increases life expectancy each year. According to the National Center fo Health Statistics, a newborn in 1950 was expected to live 68.2 years. By the year 2000, the figure had increased to 76.9 years.
Owning equities in retirement scares people, but again there's nothing scarier than running out of money because you put the funds in low or no return vehicles.

That's all I got. I'm tired. I reviewed this post and it seems to suck. I promise to get more sleep and pep this blog up tomorrow.

Thanks for staying with me.

Stay You.