Saturday, September 25, 2004

You Are In My Power

Posted by Hello

Tonight, the first ever Blogger Hypnotism.

Stare at the above poster for 30 seconds. Then read below in a spooky voice:

Your body is relaxed. You mind is going blank. You are taking slow deep breaths.

You are getting sleepy.....



You are my power.


Click on this link and buy several copies of my book The Pure would make a good holiday gift.


Take your top off, take a picture of yourself and mail them to this e-mail.

You are still relaxed....

you are slowly coming awake are aware again of your surroundings and you will remember nothing of this post.

That was an interesting experiment. Now, if it was successful, you will receive several hundred copies of my book in a week and your credit card balance will have magically increased or lurid pictures of yourself will be posted on several disgusting websites. Either way, we all win.

Stay You.