Sunday, October 24, 2004

Back from Orlando - Broke and Exhausted

Sorry for not blogging while away. Excuses given below.

Thursday morning I flew out of Cincinnati Orlando bound - via Columbus, OH. Today I flew out of Orlando Cincinnati bound via Atlanta and Louisville. Arghhh!

Note to self: Avoid at all costs delta connection flights. This is the third trip I've flown with them and the staff on the official Delta flights are much nicer. Even with their airline going broke, they managed a smile and feigned slight interest in the kids, wife, and me. For whatever reason, the connectors are required to hire angry homosexual men. South bound, we had the angry homosexual Vietnamese guy. He made all announcements in that hard consonent accent that made me think we were flying into to Khymer Rouge outpost for re-education but he had the effete manner and eye rolls that bordered on camp. I thought maybe I was heading into Queer Killing Fields for the Straight Guy? One the way home we had the Cuban guy who just looked angry - why are they always angry? I think the job would suck, but they choose it. If you hate it that much get a new one. I did my part; I smiled and asked questions politely and kept the kids quiet.

I was expecting to feel violated in the wallet at Disney World. Just the opposite. Nice time, not too expensive. Actually, food and drinks and parking was cheaper than the local theme park, King's Island - and the quality was top notch. I felt good about spending money there. Sea World not so much.

Finally, the Omni International at Champions Gate. My broker-dealer paid for the room, so I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth. First off I don't golf so much of the charm of the place was lost on me. In fact, the charm of Orlando sans Mickey was lost on me. Looking out of my10th story room, I was taken by the fact that this place is a swamp where mosquitos were attacking at night and the heat attacked during the day. And this was late October! I don't see a need to live in Florida, but if you are, why live in Orlando where you're 90 minutes away from the smell of salt air?

Anyway, the Omni wasn't bad, except for the $40 I spent every time I wanted to feed the kids chicken tenders. That sucked. Also, I went to the advertised business center the first day like a good blogger and there were these little meter machines that I had to swipe my credit card or room key through to get access to the computers. $2/minute. Dear Omni, I've stayed at Motel 6's off the interstate in Cleveland, Ohio that had free internet access. You are supposedly a 5 star (whatever) resort. Why don't just put in pay toilets in the lobby why don't cha? Oh, yeah, there's only 1 toilet in the lobby and it's hidden 1/4 mile from the frontdesk so bealeagered travelers like me have to do the little potty dance around your grand foyers looking for some sweet relief.

Ok, back to work tomorrow. Blogging will be better now that sickness is passed and travel is done.

Stay You.

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