Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Cheney Visits My Neighborhood, Election Fraud and National Health Care

I must be a really bad blogger because Dick Cheney visited my neighborhood and I didn't even go to see him. He visited Price Hill Chili which is a great diner right down the street from my office - see - anyway. I found out about the event yesterday and could have got some tixs but since I heard John Kerry in the 3rd debate, I'm really not interested in seeing the V.P. who has a lesbian for a daughter. (It's a joke, sourpuss - see here.)

I guess we now know exactly what the media is going to get orgasmic about this election - voter fraud, disenchantment, lawyers at the polls, etc. and it's all centered right here in Ohio. Here's a story, here's a blog post about Hamilton County (Cincinnati), and here's another. I promise that if Hamilton County becomes the West Palm Beach of 2004, I'll be here for you.

I have a meeting set for election day morning, but will make myself free after noon. If anyone has anything they want a firsthand report on, I'll have the car gassed and will be ready for investigation-just point me in a direction. But I do have one question......

In The Pure Investor, I argue strenuously for the private sector handling just about everything that the government now does, but I'm pretty sure that the most conservative Republican, the most stoned Libertarian, and the most atheistic Randian would agree that running the election process falls within the purview of the government. Right?

O.K., well, if the government can't pull of the simple act of counting ballots without a team of lawyers and calls of fraud, favoritism, etc., and turning it into what my grandma would call a general cluster f#&k, do you really want the government involved in your health care?

Just a question.

Stay You.

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