Monday, October 04, 2004

The Five Taxes

Remember when this blog was about concepts from my book The Pure Investor? Before some alter-ego started posting about NASCAR, before kid's pictures, and before chicken suits?

It's back. By the way, have you bought my book yet? Go ahead, click, buy it.

This week I'll hit what "The Five Taxes" are and how Pres. Bush and Sen. Kerry stand relative to each.

What are The Five Taxes you ask? They are 1. Direct Taxes, 2. Trade Restrictions, 3. Immigration Control, 4. Regulations, 5. Inflation. But today, we will address direct taxes.

From my book:

The Pure Investor defines taxes as any reduction in his worth or income directly caused by the government. The Pure Investor functions best in a capitalist society that allows individuals instead of bureaucrats to control the allocation of resources.... The Pure Investor spoke of five distinct taxes whereby the government has reduced his wealth.
Well, for direct taxes this is easy. Bush wins hand down. It seems this guy can't go a year without invading a country and cutting a tax. Good for him. Sen. Kerry seems to like taking my money away from me and my clients. Hey, Johnny Boy, I've got kids that are sucking up all my money. My clients need that cash for retirement. Let us keep some.

As I wrote:
Taxes directly assessed by the government are the most visible and possibly most egregious example of removing money from the productive environment of the private sector and placing it into the control of those who will strangle the growth and the good it could do.
Ok, Bush wins by far. But how's he fair on the other four taxes. Come back tomorrow.

Stay You.

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