Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Fourth Tax - Regulations

Bush, Kerry, and The Five Taxes continues…

My post on Tax Two – Trade Restrictions elicited a response from Madam Butterfly (Grace, mon joli papillon, he says in his best Pepe Le Pew voice) but no one else seems too interested in this. Oh well, the week’s almost over, is it back to NASCAR, Kids, and chicken suits??? Please, God no....

“What’s today,” Mr. McEwen you ask? Today we talk about Tax Four of The Five Taxes – Regulations.

In my book I wrote:
Regulations and their unintended consequences spread throughout society like kudzu strangling the productivity and vibrancy out of the economy. Regulations cause scarce money to be spent on more accountants and lawyers that don’t add to the economy’s value but only ensure compliance with government mandates. Firms are required to pay engineers not to build a better mousetrap demanded by consumers but to design the mousetrap to meet the regulatory demands of the Politician.
In this post linking to a now defunct project that didn’t work out, I reference page 2 of this .pdf from the Mercatus Center. Their website is worth visiting every so often.

As far as the Bush v. Kerry match-up goes, who look better?

Read this earlier post on Bush for a detailed explanation. In summary, Bush is not Reagan on regulations, but he gets a break in that he’s had to make some compromises to go kill terrorists and reorganize massive segments of a massive government to help go kill terrorists.

As for Kerry, he’s a loser. It’s to obvious to go into specifics. He’s a Bay State Liberal – nothing more needs be said. Is that a cop out? Maybe, but it’s getting late. I just clicked over to the official website and I can’t bear to read much of it. It just seems that every time he talks domestic policy…I go to sleep… but in my dreams I think he says he wants to manage it by making more rules (read: Regulations) and basically telling people how to live.

On Tax Four Regulation…Bush gets the win. The fifth and final tax tomorrow. Who shall get The Pure Investor endorsement.

Stay You.

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