Thursday, October 07, 2004

Liberal Media

I've having trouble reconciling something in my mind. This is not a challenge to political conservatives, but...

I'm a believer in the liberal bias of the major media - ABC,NBC, CBS, and most major city papers. You can also toss in CNN although I haven't watched it in years. They don't like Republicans. I believe that and the proof is pretty much there for anyone watching and reading with a bit of honesty.

The problem comes in when I think that before Fox News, talk radio, and the blogosphere that Nixon won very handily, if not in '68 definitely in '72, Carter squeeked by in '76, Reagan dominated in '80 with a 3rd party Republican candidate (remember him), and cleaned up in '84. Republicans did pretty well with regard to the White House.

So it seems that as far as the Presidential elections go the big bad media was not very effective.

Now, the scales are balanced. There is a Fox News, there is talk radio. Look at these lines up on my local stations - almost all conservative. Then there is the blogosphere which is dominated by neither liberal or conservatives, but conservative voices are very well heard. There's no conservative ghetto in the blogosphere or the internet. Not to mention Drudge.

You never got this variety of opinion from Walter Cronkite's half-hour.

My question - and I really want an answer - is why is George Bush only slightly ahead or tied. Why did he barely win in '00. With the media/information scales more balanced, shouldn't he be walking away with this election compared to Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I.

Were Democratic candidates that bad in the past or is the Republican candidate just that bad now?

Just wondering

Stay You.

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