Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Thanks for all who posted comments or sent private e-mail regarding my NASCAR post from the other day. I had more to say but wanted to limit myself to 1,000 words - about 3 times as long as I think any post should be. I item I left out: The raw corporate commercial nature of NASCAR and why I love it and think it's the most honest thing in sports, eh, spectator entertainment. But that's for another day.

Reading the blogger news, they suggested a game. What three things do you want to see a picture of in my office and or home? Are you that interested in me? Let's find out? Let me know and I'll post in a few days.

The Divine Mrs. M was knocking at death's door last night but death wasn't answering by this morning so I came home about 11:00 to take over child care duties. Picked up No. 1 Daughter at school and headed along with No. 2 Daughter to the art museum. They saw a Degas, a Renoir, a Monet, and Manet, a Warhol and some other stuff. I saw some hot art students doing some copies. We stayed about an hour.

One the front steps of the museum, I tried to point our our house across the Ohio River. They weren't interested. I pointed out to No. 1 Daughter her school and she said, "Daddy, I see it every day." I said, "Yes, but not from Ohio." She then said "Whateveeer" by rolling her eyes at me and asked to get home.

They're now in bed and I'm going to make some dinner and watched the debate. The Divine Mrs. M. is snooring comfortably.

Quiet Night.

Stay You.

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