Monday, October 25, 2004

My First Assignment/Are You Ready for Some Football?

I did my first interview for the Challenger today. A profile of a local jewelry store. It's family owned and they seem like very nice people; quality people, in fact. I came back to the office and banged out 700 words or so. I really should polish it off tonight, but I know my mind is fried and anything written (including this) would have to be rewritten.

New fact I learned: If you bring loose diamonds into the country, there's no duty owed the government. However, if those diamonds are mounted in a setting, the duty is huge. Go figure. As I opined in my book, trade restrictions are business people using government against other business people or the consuming public usually under the guise of helping the downtrodden.

There's Monday Night Football in town tonight. I just opened my bedroom window and can hear the faint sounds of the game. If you look at the city shots and see a large arcing bridge I live about 10 blocks south of it in Kentucky. In fact, here's the bridge with the mass of urban houses that make up Bellevue. My house is in the new section built from the 10's to the late 40's located in the more wooded area between those big mounds. Luckily, they didn't knock down as many trees when the built this section. Anyway, even with Monday Night Football in town, I'm sticking with my committment not to watch pro football until the Bengals break .500. I'm already uneasy with the team blackmailing the local government into coughing up the dough, for them to turn around and put on a lousy team without trying just pisses me off. I shall not watch you Monday Night Football.

I'm off to sleep, perchance to dream.

Stay You.

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