Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Presidential Election

I've lost total interest in the Presidential election. Maybe I'm just numb, maybe I'm just bored. This is strange because this is the first election Presidential or off year in quite a while that The Divine Mrs. M and I have sat out.

We've made it a rule that we don't vote for anyone we haven't met except for President and we've seen every Presidential candidate that we've voted for. Not this year. Although we'll be voting Bush we saw him in 2000. Our state rep and senator and Judge Executive know us on a first name basis. We've met our U.S. Senators a couple of times and while they usually can't recall our names, we get a head nod.

But this year I can't get excited. The guy running for our state rep seat has stopped by a few times and we let him put him sign in our yard but I'd rather go back to my t.v. than talk political gossip with him. Does that make me a bad citizen? Oh, well.

I know this may be an evil statement to some, but whether Bush or Kerry wins, the Republic will survive. I just don't buy into the statement that "this is the most important election in history."

Do your duty. Go out and vote.

Stay You.

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