Sunday, October 10, 2004

Undecided Voters Make Me Sick

I watched the debates Friday. If you want analysis you can go elsewhere for someone much more educated and informed and opinionated than I am about these things.

You still here? Great. Prepare for a rant.

One question I did have is who are these idiots who are undecided or uncommitted or however they described themselves to Charlie Gibson? Where have they been? In a hole without cable news? Why are we putting them in charge of asking questions of our candidates? If they are so ill-informed now that they haven't decided, what's the likelyhood of them actually asking a decent question of these guys? You know what would be fun: get some serious partisan believers in there to ask very tough questions. People who live and breath this stuff (and know the issues!!). Now that sounds more interesting. Let them where their Bush or Kerry buttons and try to nail there candidate's opponent to the wall. Come on! Mix it up! Throw out these limp noodle twerps who can't make up what they call their minds a month before the elections. The odds are they won't make it to the polling place because they can't decide what route to take.

I know it's fashionable in some quarters to say that Bush and Kerry are both the same - but they're not. They are very different and will govern very differently. If these idiot undecided can't see that, then they never will.

In my own case, I have no idea who is going to be running in 2008, but I have a good idea of what party that person I vote for will belong to. I'll be voting for (insert person here of that party) because I have something called a set of core principles that one party for the most part usually represents. Sometimes they've done great, most times they've come up far short.

"I vote the man," is usually lauded as something noble to say, but come on. It's trite. How is anyone going to know "the man" from seeing him on t.v.? There's two ways of organizing society - one liberal and one conservative. Pick one you believe it - either way - just show you have a pair of huevos (sorry, ladies) and pick one. That shows at least some effort at thought.

Now the individual candidate/party may be more or less liberal or conservative than you wish them to be. Don't jump up and down and mope that no one represents you. It's not a perfect world and you're not 8 years old. Just pick the guy closest to your beliefs and let it go at that.

Honestly, I've got more respect for a card-carrying communist than I do for the "undecided." At least the communist knows why he's a godless pinko commie and you can have a conversation with him. In my mind I try picturing talking with the undecided and all he does is shrug his sloped shoulders underneath the sweater his wife picked out as he strokes his starter goatee and keeps telling me that he needs to consider both side of the argument while never really coming to a conclusion.

I'm sorry if you're an undecided voter and reading this, but your fecklessness really pisses me off.

Stay You (unless your undecided, then do something with yourself).

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