Friday, November 12, 2004

Brownies and Red Mind in Blue State MegaIdea

Last night for Veteran's Day I attended an allegiance rally for a paramilitary youth organization my eldest daughter belongs to known as the Brownies. The Divine Mrs. M is their leader, aka Guide, aka Fuehrer. THe cool part is she's a smokin' hot Fuehrer. A good time was had by all. It was well organized and executed with the traditional church basement cookies and punch afterward.

Pictures will be posted over the weekend.

Tony over at A Red Mind in a Blue State sent me the following e-mail:


You book isn't listed in the Nassau County Library system-- so I asked my wife, who is the President of our Library to add it to the buy list-- that'll mean 2 things-- the book will be purchased and it will now be listed in all 52 libraries in the system.

(As an aside-- you may want to have your friends and family across the country request the book at the public library-- very often libraries have budget lines for such purchases that go unspent. Even one request will often result in a purchase & as important, the adding of the book to the shelves)

I look forward to reading it!



I thought this brilliant. Friends and family? Well, my family have proven themselves to be of little help so that leaves my friends. Locally, I have all the libraries already stocked with my book; Hamilton/Cincinnati (3), Clermont County (1), Kenton County (1), Campbell County (3) and even in a place called Lawrenceburg, IN where I drew my biggest audience for a book discussion. So local friends can't help further here.

That leaves my internet blog buddies. Next time you are in your local library could you please ask them if they can order a copy of The Pure Investor. Maybe even print out the Amazon page of it. Possibly you can just send them an e-mail. I make about $1.50 per sale so if I can get my true and loyal readers help, my royalties may break $20 this quarter. Yeah! Life's all about small victories.

Now, what do you get in return. Since Cincinnati is a Delta hub and has a few major interstates running through it there's bound to be a time when you are here. When that day occurs, I shall meet you at the airport or highway reststop and say "hi." A bright and sunny "hi" always makes traveling easier. If you don't look like a scary freak, I will even buy you a drink - unless you are a female. The Divine Mrs. M says I can't go meet women that I meet over the internet for drinks at the airport. She's sooooo closed minded.

Stay You.

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