Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day 2004

I find it very hard to work during BIG NIGHTS. I want to be part of the action, until I realize there's probably not too much action out there. It's up to the voters - damn them.

I started out today feeling kind of like my guy was going to win, but for some reason a sense of melancholy has overtaken me. That's just me; I can find any reason to be negative. The polls closed in my part of Kentucky at 6:00 and the rest of KY at 7:00. We'll know soon whether Jim Bunning beat Doctor Dan. Sen. Bunning is a tough guy. He once told a story to an informal group of politicos I was at how he knocked Mickey Mantle on his ass with a hard pitch very near his head. He also claims the record for beaning the most batters of all major league pitchers. He also is the only human being to throw no-hitters in both leagues. He is a huge man even at this age. His hands swallow up mine. I'm 6'0" and 235 and I feel small next to him; a very intimidating figure. I discussed this with his daughter-in-law once while our kids played and she said something to the affect of "Yeah, I guess. Look! He's just my kid's grandpa." That seemed perfect. I voted for him today.

My congressional race is between Geoff Davis and George's dad Nick Clooney. I met Mr. Davis 2 years ago during his last campaign. I was meeting with his campaign chief who offered some publicity work for my book (remember that?). That fell through but Davis walked in half way through the meeting and sat down and talked for about 1/2 hour. He seemed like a geniunly nice man. I voted for him. Nick Clooney, unfortunately, seemed to have a meltdown during the debate. For those who don't know. Mr. Clooney was a local t.v. variety show host, newscaster, and newspaper columnist. I think every town has one of these guys. Obviously, his son is George and his sister was Rosemary and a few years ago he did the intros for AMC. Mr. Clooney seemed to wallow in nostalga pieces; young men courting, going to the ol' fishin' hole type stuff. When challenged during the debate - I'm told - he seemed like a befuddled old man; a total melt down and everyone in the audience knew it and felt uncomfortable. Too bad.

It's been rainy all day. Like I said, I'm feeling down for some reason - again. I've booked a full day of meetings up until now. I think I helped a lady. Now I'll go home and I'll be up to late.

God Bless America and keep her safe.

Stay You.

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