Sunday, November 07, 2004

My First Article

The Sunday Challenger published my first article today about a local jewelry store. Ok, I know it is a puff piece, but that's all I really want to do. I have no ambition of blowing the lid off of some government scandal. I just want to meet interesting people that are so impressed with me that they ask me to manage their money.

Is that so bad?

I'm proud of this paragraph:
That trust leads to making custom pieces like the one Milburn wears on her wrist. This is a daily activity at Herzog. Clients are encouraged to bring is sketches, magazine clippings or just the vague idea for a piece of jewelry they have in mind. Such was the case for a client who wanted to buy his wife a pendant. The client knew his wife loved a gem called aquamarine. Joseph Koester sat down with this long-time client at the Herzog office and together with pencil, paper, and imagination they sketched out a aquamarine gem surrounded by four carats of diamonds that the client - and one hopes his wife - will find stunning.

Joe Koester is a local political player and a good contact to have but I'm most impressed with the fact that he seemed like a decent guy and treats his clients like royalty. Finally, special thanks goes out to Madame Butterfly for a basic knowledge of jewelry making and some points to bring up during the interview. Why don't you go check out some of her creations?

I hope you enjoy it. I'm already working on my next story with an interview tomorrow on an ecumenical organziation of churchs working in the area. If you have any thing you'd like to ask a group like that or have special insight on questions to ask, let me know.

Stay You.

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