Monday, November 01, 2004

Paybacks are a Bitch

As I write this, I believe that George W. Bush will win the election next Tuesday. However, even if he doesn't, something needs to be done on two fronts.

Much of life can be equated to The Godfather. After Tessio and Clemenza's takeover of the family failed, it was time for Michael to clean house. Wack Tessio, Clemenza, and their men, knockoff the dirty politicians and cops, shot Mo Green in the eye, and close the door on Diane Keaton - all while Christening your godson. Yous gotta cut out the cancer to save yourself and if you gotta to cut a hand or part of your liver or whatever so be it as long as you survive and live to fight another day.

Bush needs to do the same and I believe he will. I'm not talking about the Syria-Russia connection or Iraq or th NoKos. I'm talking about the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the U.N. From the payola blocking of the Iraq war in the U.N., to Memogate, to the New York Times Abu Graib coverage, to the missing explosives "story" linking the IAEI, the U.N., the NY Times, CBS, and the Democratic Party, something's gotta be done and Bush needs to clean some house.

First, the MSM. I don't care what the bias is of Rather, et. al. They just need to be forced to admit it. In the corporate world, the CEOs are now certifing their accounting statements under pain of severe penalty. In my profession, I can get hung out by the most unbelievable of client compliaints. Some doctors are running from their profession because they don't want to be bankrupted by a simple human error. But the media can make mistakes without any penalty. Wild stories proven wrong get a shoulder shrug. No one can hold the MSM accountable. I'm a believer in market forces and that less people will be watching CBS or reading the NYT because of their hijinks (I just wrote "Hijinks"?). But that's not enough? Are their monopoly forces at work here? More directly, what's the point of winning an election if you don't throw the power around a little bit? A nice congressional investitgation into media bias. Here's my plan: Media outlets should declare their biases. Once done, they are left alone, but at least it's out there. They can also declare themselves unbiased, but be required to stick to their declaration. Some will say this will have a chilling effect on free speech. Give me a break. All where asking for is for them to state what their intentions are and hold to them. 60 Minutes would demand this of any other industry but their own. It will have a chilling effect on B.S. Bush should go in and knock these people about a little bit. The MSM is always calling for everything to be regulated. Let's make them take a small dose of their own medicine.

Second, Bush needs to whack the U.N. The sins are too numerous but enough is said with: Oil for foood program, Lybia on the human rights commission, anti-Israel (Hate Jews) activity, anti-American activity, etc. Should we destroy the U.N. No. But here's the steps I would take.

First, it must be relocated. Not NY, or Brussells, or Paris, but someplace that really could use it's help. Like a New Guinea or a Manilla or someplace in the center of Africa. Get these people closer to the world. The Western World doesn't need their help. Africa does. Parts of Asia and the middle east do. These plutocrats been educated in the western metro centers let's make them remember what's what.

Second point: no country gets a vote or influence unless their citizenry has a vote on them. You can even tier the system. Democracies get full votes. That would include Europe, South Africa, all of the Americas, and a couple handfuls of Asian countries. The next tier would be benign non-totalitarian countries. They would be observers or "participants." Singapore comes to mind off hand. Taiwan under Chang would be here. So would South Korea before elections were held regularly. I even think Russia under Putin's new rules may drift here. Think of them sitting at the kid's tables at Thanksgiving. They can't determine what's for dinner or when they'll eat, they can also make some noise, but most importantly they get to see how the big people behave. Finally, murderous psycho-states would not be allowed to attend or be present. This would throw out Libya, NoKo, China, and it would be a primary mandate of the U.N. to encourage rebellion in these countries.

I think if Bush can accomplish these two objectives in his 2nd term, his presidential footprint would be felt for years to come. In the first term, he would have liberated 50 million people from theocratic rule. In his second, he would have liberated the west from their self-imposed blinders to moral clarity.

Will there still be tough work ahead? Sure, in the second Bush term, he might have to send Fredo out to pray his Hail Mary's, but these actions along with his first term would dramaticly change the landscape and allow that move to Nevada...sorry, Texas...for retirement.

Stay You.

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