Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Pure Investor Book Review

I realized I never posted this article about The Pure Investor from the Cincinnati Business Courier. Hope you enjoy.

Also, NYCSara posted some nice thought in the comments section a few days ago and wanted to draw your attention to them:
Your book is an interesting one. I liked how it was written in a semi-story format--it makes it appealing to even people who don't agree with the pure capitalist/investor's mindset. As such, I've reccomended it to several people, including my sister--who has a hard time not giving her money away left and right. Does this translate directly to sales for you? I don't know. :)

No, it doesn't translate in sales for me, but pass it around anyway. Maybe someone will like it so much they'll want their own copy. Thanks NYCSara.

Stay You.

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