Monday, November 01, 2004

The Reason I'm Voting Bush Tomorrow

Here they are learning their politics dressed as monarchial princesses. Dagny, the eldest, if very interested in politics and was quite excited to see Bush although the noise of the crowd bothered her quite a bit. Harper is still only 3 but very much the "good-time girl." I hate to pigeon whole them so early, but I think Dagny would be the wonky one of them while Harper will get out there and ask for votes.

To get serious for a minute, I'm voting Bush because these terrorist want to kill us. While I love lower taxes, what's important is that the PNC building (WKRP?) and Scripps Howard (HGTV) building are behind my daughters and I don't want my girls to see them missing. I don't want these psycopaths to make those smiles illegal or rip away their right to vote and be free and ashappy as their are now.

The terrorist need to be killed in large numbers. Bush has done it. Kerry kinda says he will to. Not good enough.

Good Luck tomorrow, Mr. President. Posted by Hello