Wednesday, November 03, 2004

We're not the Spanish

Yippee! We’re not the French. We’re not the Spanish. We're not the Swedes. We’re Americans.

Please see my plan for retribution from a few days ago.

Since Kerry capitulated, a few actions need to be put in place.

Fallujah needs to be cleared out. Let our men go to work.

Bush needs to make a phone call: “Tehran? Pyongyang? W. here. Tag your it.”

Colin Powell – or his replacement – needs to have tea with Kofe Annan and let him know that the times they are achangin’. Then give him a big bitch slap for cashing in on Iraqi civilian deaths.

Finally, Hastert needs to be informed that the spending orgy is over. Bush: “The veto pen is warmed up. Jeb doesn’t want to be president yet so mom says I can gut your pork. You can do it or I can. Got that, fat man?”

Update: Since I wrote the above some news has broke. I guess this post may be irrelevant.

Stay You.

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