Monday, February 21, 2005

Input Needed for Real Estate Roundtable

On March 3 at 6:00 pm I will be doing a Real Estate Roundtable for The Sunday Challenger. Any topics that you - my regular beloved readers - would like to see me address. Here's who I have coming: a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, a real estate attorney, a home inspector, and my local property valuation administor (government official who taxes us poor souls in Kentucky).

If you had these guys at your disposal what would you ask them about the home buying process?

You guys really helped me out with the CPA roundtable. Did you see that? Here it is.

Thank you in advance. Also, I hope you got a chance to read my story on O'Neill's Barbershop that I posted earlier today. Katie has asked for before and after pictures. I think that's ok for tomorrow's post, but you'll have to listen to The Saga of Howard's Hair.

Stay You.

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