Monday, February 21, 2005

O'Neill Barbershop

Here's a story I did for the Challenger on O'Neill's Barbershop.

I know Jim from my church and The Divine Mrs. M. finally beat me into going to him about 6 months ago. I had a long tradition of going to $10 haircut places. Great Chops, she called them. Guys, don't go to these places any more. I thought they did fine, but after getting a decent haircut, the difference is tremendous.

Jim is a professional. He is always thinking about ways to make his business better and service his clients better. I'm not discounting barbers, but not many in my experience do this. Not many people in any field do this. I know I've failed many times. But if you wake up every day and think "what can I improve on today" you will make a nice life.

Anyway, my hair looks better. I pay him alot more than other barbers I've gone to. He's worth it.

Stay You.
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