Monday, March 07, 2005

Amigos? No!

A while back at the gym, one of the little worker people that never seem to do anything that I can tell was standing at a table with a bunch of cards. She was about 5'2" - all the way around.

"Win a prize by refering 5 friends," she said as The Divine Mrs. M and I passed by deep in conversation.

I distractedly said, "No, thanks."

But she was persistent (which I admire). "What? You don't have any friends?" she asked further. She had broken my attention.

"Friends?" I asked. "I don't have friends. I have a wife and assholes I work with." With that The Divine Mrs. M and I walked on.

I got an eye roll from The Divine, but it's true. I don't really have friends. I've never been that social. I'm in contact via e-mail with some people from high school and my best friend from then comes down once a year, crashes with us and takes his son to King's Island, but day-to-day friends. I don't have them.

Partly this is because I'm not from around here. I'm sure that if I lived where I grew up, I'd be hanging out with the same jokers from high school and that would be sad. That's what all the people down here do. They've got there friends and we just don't work our way into the rotation.
When I worked for The Evil Corporation I met some nice guys (one of which reads this blog) but they were all transplants too. Slowly they have all moved back to where they came from. We hung out for a few years, our first kids played with their first kids and then that was it. It was mostly wife driven I think. We e-mail, but that's about it.

Are most men like this? My father was. I don't have any ambition to "make friends." I gotta work. I got things to do. Not only does it sound kinda gay, what would I do with a friend? Do men in their mid-30's have friends or is this something most leave behind in high school/college? I did.

Please note, none of this includes my beloved blogger friends.

Stay You.
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