Friday, March 11, 2005

Burnt Mouth, Immigration, & Taxes

So, like, I was telling one my friends that like "Blogger Sucked" and he asked "Why?" and I said "like, it kept shutting down yesterday or it gave me an error after I wrote the mostbrillant post and everything was lost and so then I threw this hissy fit but I said to myself - self, just calm down, have yourself another Cosmopolitan and think about the warm things in like.

Here's part of that damn post I lost.

So I walked into the house yesterday, kids hugged me, wife kissed me. Chili was on the stove. I stuck the laddle in, took a bite and - sonofabitchthestuffisthermonuclear - I did a dance around the kitchen that looked like a cross between a little girl in a frilly dress hopping around a her slightly more effeminette cousin. Me in all my un-manliest.

I grabbed a flat fountain Dr. Pepper from The Divine Mrs. Ms' lunch and cooled it down, but the damage was done. I don't think I've done anything that stupid before.

So right now the top of my mouth is completed burned. A large flap of skin came off this morning and my thoat is a little congested from swallowing blood last night...and I have a 1 hour seminar to give tonight...and this is our Wine Weekend. We'll be staying at the downtown Hyatt, which we can see from Daughter No 2's window, but it's away from home, away from kids, thus it is good.

So now I'm just going to point out a couple of things that I liked in today's news. To tweak Crystal Clear (and all like her), the Wall Street Journal had this nice pro-immigrant piece. I gotta love them immigrants.

Also, National Review has a story about the how the VAT tax wouldn't be so bad. Let me nudge some conservatives when I say that a national sales tax would suck along with this one. My reaons are political and not economic. Economically, I love the sales tax, but politically, I think it would be a mistake. Reason? We Americans are already use to the income tax, if we then get use to the sales tax some innovative politician will say, "Heck, we can have both." Of course, it would only be for the "rich" people.

The current income tax is a monster, but all taxes are monsters. I don't see any reason to unleash a new one that Washington will sooner or later turn against us.

Stay You.
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