Thursday, March 31, 2005

Instructions To Wife

Dear Divine Mrs. M.,

I wish to make this public so there's no mistake. Please don't pull my plug...or tubes. If I am hurt in any way (most likely by being shived by an oil can spout dragging Daughter #2 out of a biker bar in 15 years) please keep me alive.

Ok, if I'm sucking up the family finances and you've done some of the more basic tests - like an MRI, or PET scan or a poke with a stick - and been adviced by a highly regarded professional or even these guys you can pull the plug.

But if the most care that is a few flips a day to avoid bedsores and the most expensive piece of medical equipment that I need is a Hamilton-Beech blender - stay away from my tubes. In fact, I insist that you get the top model blender.

Howard McEwen, CFA

For those of you who sent sympathetic e-mails from yesterday's post - my cell is now working, my website is now up and installed with wordpress (unveiling soon), my new fancy 21st Century phone features are now working (no going through Sara to get Mt. Pilot), and I hear that I may have high-speed at home.

I want to play with these thing....but I have two meetings tonight at 6:00 and a 7:30. More waiting.

Stay You.
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