Monday, March 21, 2005

Life Trifecta

I'm so happy to Tom Delay and the gang read my prior post and decided to act. I'm sooooo powerful. They really jump to action when they need to i.e. a large section of the country let them have it.

This may be time to work out my politics of life philosophy. I'm conflicted between principle and practice. What do I mean? Well....

In principle, I don't like abortion. I do believe it's the taking of a human life. I can't look at my oldest daughter and turn the clock back day-by-day and decide on what day her existence or potential existence was ok to distinguish. Thinking about others doing it makes me angry. I think that once there was the spark of her possibility, she earned the right to exist. In practice, however, many of societies ills are caused by people who most likely were born unwanted. If in 15 years, my daughter is stabbed at an ATM - mostly likely its by somebody whose mother seriously considered an abortion but couldn't come up with the guts or the $400. So in that case I say abort away! I'll pay.

In principle, I'm against the death penalty. I don't like giving the state the ultimate power of life and death. I do think it's constitutional, but just because it's constitutional doesn't mean it has to be done (I'm allowed to paint my house purple - that doesn't mean I have to). That's simple for me. However, in practice, I think of Jessica Lunsford and I think of drunk drivers killing kids on prom night and all the other horror stories we get every night and I say "Let's fire up ol' sparky."

As far cloning and genetic research and stem cells etc, I don't know enough to have any principals, but it does seem odd that those who are afraid of corn hybrids are gung-ho for stem cell research. I'm probably on the life of don't do it. You're messin' with the building blocks of existence. In practice however, if in 80 years this Wild Turkey on my desk pickles my liver enough that I need a new one and a few tweaked cells can make me a brand new one without much hassle - tweak away!

So my principles say embrace life. It's the whole reason why we are here. Always side on the side of life. Unfortunately, in practical situations I turn into a raving Kill-Bot - kill, kill, KILL!

Which side do I choose? I'll have to think about that. But principles are the only thing holding my psyche together. It's principles that keep me from cheating on my wife and stealing from my employer or clients or abandoning my kids. When all the crap of life is stripped away - principles are all I have. I can get away practically with all the above and not suffer too many consequences.

Stay You.
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