Friday, March 11, 2005

A Little Help

I posted twice today (very rare) because of Blogger problems. Check out the previous post.

Also from yesterday.....

Somewhat Silent Sara gave me a Christmas present last year. Here it is.

A domain name of my very own!

I thought this very cool, but if you clicked on the link above you've noticed I've done very little with it. That's not meant as a slight to Sara, but it is indicative of how busy the first couple months of the year were. Although I haven't used it yet, thanks again Sara!

The main reason I haven't done anything with it is that I didn't have the time to learn about hosting and wordpress or serendipity or frontpage or whatever else I need. I needed to make some money!

Why this comes up is that The Divine Mrs. M. and I are ramping up a new business venture and the first step should be a website that will have a blog on it. Can you - my dear readers - please give me some suggestions on hosting, software, etc? Any bits of wisdom regarding this topic is appreciated.

My tech knowledge peters out just past MS Office and Blogger.

Stay You.
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