Monday, March 14, 2005

My Latest Sunday Challenger Article: Mall Road Chiropractic

My latest article for The Sunday Challenger is on Mall Road Chiropractic in Florence, Kentucky.

I hope that you enjoy.

Dr. Douglas Graham, D.C. owns it and he's a client of mine. Very nice man. He truly does care about his patients.

He's the only client I have out in that area - Florence, that is - and I'm don't mind that too much. But it's way out there. Florence in Northern Kentucky is where the largest mall is. It's the fastest growing area around here. Suburban sprawl choking everthing everywhere. It's godawful.

I live within a long walking distance of downtown Cincinnati and I don't have any idea why other's wouldn't want to either. Whatever! It's a free country.

My favorite story about Florence, however, is that there's this water tower. See it here (scroll down). It stands near the mall. Yes, it says, "Florence Y'All." As in, "You're in Florence Now You Hillbilly." When that mall was built it was a pretty big deal - a coup of sorts for local developers - so the local city government painted the words "Florence Mall" on the water tower. The stores that were already there - and fearful of being bankrupted by the new mall - bitched.

I can't disagree with them. Their tax dollars were going to advertise a new competitor that was getting tax abatements on local government property. It'd be a raging mad if I were them.

Now this is the part I like.

Instead of repainting the entire water tower, the local government types - to save money - simply painted out the legs of the "M" and squeezed in an apostrophe so that the water tower says, "Florence Y'All." Very innovative thinking. If it was like most city governments, they would have torn the water tower down. Furthermore, the City of FLorence every year hosts the Florence Y'All Festival making fun of itself. Not a bad idea.

Here's a quick history of Florence - a place I don't want to live. Here's where I do live.

Stay You.
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