Monday, March 28, 2005

Real Estate Roundtable Article

Interested in real estate. Check out my roundtable discussion here.

It went very well and the editors laid it out very nice. I don't think the on-line version does it justice. You need to full-size newspaper on your dining room table to get the entire effect. Very nice.

I assembled some very good people. If you look at the meet the panel section, you see Daniel K. Braun who was elected PVA for my county. PVA is the countwide office that's in charge of taxing property. No fun. He's about 30 now so very young. He has recovered already from some kind of cancer. I met Dan when he was running for office. A local attorney decided to run for the Kentucky State House. Several party officials met at my house because they needed The Divine Mrs. M's signature since she was on the executive committe of the party. Dan came in with a light jacket over a t-shirt. It took me awhile, but I then noticed it was a Mega Death t-shirt. Yes, he is a Republican, but as he said, "sometimes you need to Rock!"

Robert Deckert was rather wry. Good guy. Another person I know ownes the home inspection business he works for. The other guy had some commitment to a charity of some sort and couldn't come, but this guy did well.

Teresa was a referral from Mary Ann Ihrig below. She was everybit a Realtors.

Mary Ann Ihrig and I have been working together quite a bit. She referrs me clients and I try to refer her clients. Two weeks ago I spoke to a dinner of her best clients and many of them may do business with me. Yippee! I hope this pays her back in some way.

Finally, Rob Ziegler helped out. I met Rob about 10+ years ago when we first moved to Northern Kentucky. We had dinner a few times, but then lost touch with him. I called the board of realtors looking for a real estate attorney and they referred Rob. I took me a few minutes but then I remember him. He didn't remember me on the phone, but did remember The Divine Mrs. M. Jealous? Me? Never.

I hope you enjoy it.

Stay You.
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