Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday Morning - Wine Festival Weekend

OK, it's 11:07 am. The Wine Festival begins at 6:30. Hotel check in is 3:00. Maybe we can check in early? I just looked at downtown. The hotel is still there. Thank, God. In-laws got here to watch the kids last night - I feel safe with Marine Recon in the house. I've already worked out today. Stuff's mostly packed (thanks Alicia).

We still have to buy a bottle of rum so we can just keep pushing it tonight when we move from the sophistication of the wine festival to the drunken partier phase whooping it up running naked through the Hyatt. We also have to pick up some Gatorade - my personal hangover cure (taken before sleep).

Photo blogging promised, but not until after the hangover has subsided.

Stay You.
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