Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Take My Wife - Please

Some where on this blog when the whole homosexual marriage debate flared up I suggested that multiple marriage makes just as much sense. I've offered this opinion elsewhere and was derided. However, it's all a matter of perspective. I wasn't too many years ago that they idea of Gabe and Joel breaking the glass would have caused snickers.

My point being that if we are going to fundamentally redefine the 5,000 year tradition of marriage, then you can't really put the genie back in the bottle. How closed minded of you. Polygamy comes right behind (or maybe before) same sex marriage. It's mentioned in the Bible quite a bit so maybe the Jesus freaks won't argue too much. It has historical precedence so the that eliminates a few more objections. Also, until 100 years ago it was part of the fabric of one of those states with corners out west (and in some parts still is). For a good read on this history there, check this book out.

Think I'm joking. Here's reasons that I can see for polygamy:
  • It may reduce divorce because the man - being more sexually fulfilled - will not cheat.
  • It allows a family 2 incomes with a care-giver at home.
  • If one of the partners does leave or die, then their are still 2 or more left to care of the children.
  • It also reduces a families costs of living. For instance, if Jeff and Jen have a household set up and their "friend" Kim has her own set up, well that's just a waste. If Kim moves in with Jeff and Jen imagine all the cash that can be saved.
There's 4 good reasons. And if none of those convince you - you're just a hater who wants to dictate how people express their love.

Now comes this National Review article about the benefits and legal rights of polygomy. I'm too bored to read it but in 10-years this will be a national debate and conservatives will be derided as bigots for rolling their eyes and the prospect. Better start reading up folks.

And as for gay marriage. You guys and girls worked hard to kick government out of your bedrooms, I think it's a big mistake to let the government back in just because you think it's doing you a favor. It never does.

Stay You.
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